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Three years ago I migrated from medical device design and development to the client side of Digital Health. I had the privilege of leading and managing components of transformational initiatives related to Electronic Health Record, also known (and preferred by users) as Clinical Information Systems. This experience changed my thinking about medical design excellence.

Is Device Generated Data part of your medical device plans? We live in a digital era, and if you are in the medical device design and development business, it may be wise to think digital health. There is an undeniable shift from stand-alone technology to integrated systems even for devices with specialized functionality. Granted, devices with […]

Do not underestimate! Defining the overall critical path (and critical path bottlenecks) may be onerous, and somewhat of a cliché, but it is a concept that is very real for project success. Developing a realistic baseline project plan is always a daunting task, particularly when the project sponsor requires a high level of accuracy for financing purposes. […]

The domain expertise required for a medical device development program should not be under-estimated.  After all, the goal is to develop an innovative new medical device with proven clinical efficacy for a new market.  Engineers, software developers, business analysts and regulatory advisers all play a unique role in the project team.  Efficiently integrating a distributed […]

In 1999, I had to source, negotiate, and implement an integrated monitoring system for ICU. This basic system networked bedside computers to a central nursing monitoring system and was considered innovative, effective and clever. Fifteen years later, electronic medical files and data sharing between imaging modalities, laboratory tests, pharmacy prescription listings, and MSP formulary plans […]

Medical Device Multi-Disciplinary Teams Outperform Solo Efforts Goodwill, cooperation, and camaraderie are more than holiday spirits around the StarFish office these days.   Working in isolation is not an option for medical engineers. Those still confined by ideas of belonging to a unique discipline will have a hard time moving forward in an increasingly complex and […]

The first edition of ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management was published in September.  Prior to the publication of ISO 21500, project management practice was guided by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), an international not-for-profit professional association with over 700,000 members and volunteers advocating for the project management profession and responsible for the project management […]

The term “PMO” (Project Management Office) appears ever more frequently in engineering firms, but is still not well understood. So what is a PMO, how do they impact medical device development, and what does the PMO look like at StarFish? In other words, why bother? For organizations that do not use a PMO, there are […]

What makes a project successful or not? A seasoned project manager, charismatic leader, low risk technology, spin on existing proven technology or the right discipline resource mix? Well, maybe it’s all of those and a bit of chance, but it’s most importantly the right attitude. Let me elaborate. In my last blog, I covered the […]

In my last blog, I talked about risk management, extreme risk management from the device perspective, manufacturing perspective and project management perspective. Through the risk planning, risk engagement itself and mitigation implementation, I have learned that it is very important to communicate to team members, project owner and any other important stakeholders. Managing the expectations […]