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14 Ways to Increase Medical Device Speed to Market

Without sacrificing safety or quality Speed to market is a crucial part of medical device success. Our employee experts drew upon their experience with hundreds of medical device products for proven tips and recommendations that increase medical device speed to market without sacrificing safety or quality. Read on to discover how to understand the intended […]

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Commercializing Medical Devices with Optics

Commercializing a medical device with optical components brings a unique set of challenges. We asked our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, regulatory, manufacturing and optics experts to share their experiences and lessons learned for commercializing medical devices with optics components and interacting with optics engineers. Learn what they pay attention to and how they change behavior […]

Astero StarFish

21 Interview Questions that Work (and Why)

It’s job-hunting season! This blog shares favorite questions and techniques (with the reasoning behind these questions) that our employees have used or encountered for a variety of roles in medical device development. An interesting mix of classics and new twists, we hope they provide inspiration for future interviews and insights into StarFish culture. 

Astero StarFish

Our Employees’ Resolutions for 2024

Good intentions, diets, exercising and New Year resolutions. Hey, it’s already February! Have you made, started, delayed or abandoned your resolution? No worries. This blog features resolutions and traditions from our employees. May they help inspire you to start the New Year (or February) with positive goals. Before jumping into individual resolutions, let’s start with […]

Astero StarFish

21 Great Reads in 2023

Books sometimes call to you for reasons that you don’t totally know why. But they become clearer as you reflect on them. Our annual list of favorite employee reads is full of inspiration, intrigue, and action for holiday downtime or whenever you need a mental escape. In no particular order, please peruse and enjoy 21 […]

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Our Top 10 Medical Device Videos of 2023

The number of StarFish Medical YouTube subscribers grew by 32% in 2023 and social media views increased an amazing 100%. This round-up features the 10 most viewed Medical Device videos that we created in 2023. Our 2023 top 10 medical device commercialization videos cover a variety of medical device commercialization topics ranging from Prototyping Proof […]

Astero StarFish

Top 10 Medtech Entrepreneur Webinars of 2023

Our first Medical Device Playbook Webinar debuted on July 24, 2020. Created to fill a vacuum created when live events were halted by COVID -19. The first MDPlaybook Medtech Entrepreneur Webinar covered How COVID-19 is Changing Medical Device Commercialization, a fitting topic if ever there was one. Since then, monthly webinars feature medtech executives, serial […]

Astero StarFish

10 Most Read New Medical Device Blogs in 2023

This year’s list of most read StarFish Medical blogs features the 10 most read blogs written in 2023 and the 10 most read employee written blogs during 2023 including some from back in 2014. Our new blogs include expertise and insights from three new authors, two group blogs and five articles from blogging veterans. Topics […]

Astero StarFish

33 Solid Medical Device Manufacturing Tips

This blog covers 33 tips and examples from sixteen StarFish Medical experts for Phase Three Manufacturing of medical device commercialization. Tips for all four phases of medical device commercialization are now online: Phase Zero Product Definition, Phase One Engineering Design and Development, and Phase Two Medical Device Transfer to Manufacturing.

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