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Annelies Tjebbes

Iterations of a Medical Device Career Path

Annelies Tjebbes decided on an engineering career when still in high school. We all go through many iterations of our career.  Most people these days have on average 5 different careers in their lifetime.  It’s a great way to keep rediscovering and rebranding yourself, and also a great way to get 5 retirement parties out […]

Annelies Tjebbes

Medical Device Usability Engineering and Nepalese birthing kits

User engagement throughout the design and subsequent validation process are crucial to the success of all medical technologies, whether high-tech or low-tech.  The smallest details count when designing a medical device: colour, shape, feel, and language – the list goes on.  Technology should be developed with a close understanding of user needs, and consideration of […]

Annelies Tjebbes

Optimizing Medical Device Design Value AND Innovation

I am a strong believer in optimizing medical device design.  Innovation (the act of developing or introducing something new) and value (merit or utility) are best when paired hand in hand.  If you generate value without innovation (ex. marginal improvement in glucose monitoring technologies), you are creating an incremental change that doesn’t address the root […]

Annelies Tjebbes

Polarity Thinking in Medical Device Development

The medical device environment is full of polarities which often come into conflict or tension.  Take for example the tension between well-managed budgets vs. well-designed products – often a significant challenge in medical device development because of regulatory requirements, and the need for well-designed risk mitigation.  Polarities, though intrinsically linked in pairs, can be viewed […]

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