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Staged Medical Device Development

Developing a complex medical device spans a significant period of time and a significant expertise spectrum. Early ideation and technology development through transfer to volume manufacturing covers a tremendous range of skill sets. Staged product development as employed by StarFish has some unique benefits for dealing with the changing skill sets required throughout the development […]

Boyd Allin

Design Reviews in Medical Device Development

During the development of medical and consumer electronic devices there are scheduled design reviews held in order to comply with IEC 60601 and to ensure the best product is realized. These reviews are invaluable; however, a few common pitfalls are worth identification.   One tendency is to narrow the audience to a myopic group of […]

Boyd Allin

Product Design – Creep Analysis

Creep analyses are often required in the design of products. One difficulty in performing a creep analysis is that it generally involves a non-linear approach demanding a high-end simulation package or package add-on. In addition, a non-linear analysis employing a modeling technique like the Bailey-Norton law requires creep constants that are often difficult to find. […]

Boyd Allin

Don’t Forget the Tooling Engineer in Medical Device Design

The design team for a medical device or consumer product is usually multidisciplinary and can incorporate: physicists, biochemists, optical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software/firmware engineers, industrial designers, user interface specialists, ergonomic experts and specialists unique to the demands of the project. These wonderfully powerful and talented teams can be undermined by omitting a critical […]

Boyd Allin

2D Simulation – A Potent Tool in Medical Device Design

As a mechanical designer I am often faced with a decision: Should I analyze this mechanism or system? The obvious answer is yes; however, the reality is that there are competing factors that muddy the waters. Competing factors include: Aggressive schedules, cost constraints and resource constraints. The decision to forego an analysis is complex, simple […]

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