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  I love working with ultrasound.  Diagnostic imaging devices are what most people think of when ultrasound is mentioned, but it is also widely used for analyzing body fluids, treating kidney stones, enhancing drug delivery, and managing pain. My StarFish clients have innovative as well as traditional applications for ultrasound.   Those projects involve general 2D […]

Medical devices containing electronics require Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing to ensure they can be used in the intended environment without causing other equipment to fail nor failing themselves. Here are some simple and inexpensive tools  an electrical engineer can build that enable quick EMC prescreening.  This article includes steps one can take during product development to […]

Hacking (gaining access to a device through unintended means) commonly has negative connotations, but it need not imply an intent to destroy data or harm hardware. I’ll use the term Hacking in this blog, with the acknowledgement that when malicious intent is involved, a better term is Cracking. Hacking medical devices is not new, but […]

Communication errors occur in many situations. We may miss hearing a spouse’s request to “buy milk” over the crying of an infant. A phone ringing during your presentation may cause you to stutter. Or a medicine expected to expire on 07-08-12 actually expires on 12-07-08. Here are some reasons for misheard communications: Ambient interference and […]

Microprocessors are ubiquitous. Today’s toothbrushes and razors come with microprocessors built in. See for example, Schick’s Hydro Razor  and “Inside the Schick Hydro Microcontroller Powered Wet Razor“. This popularity has been fueled by the perception that “intelligent” products are better and enabled by rapidly declining costs for microprocessors. A microprocessor is a general-purpose computer contained on […]