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Understanding the Basics of Adhesives Selecting wearable medical device adhesives requires a solid understanding of the basics of adhesive. Sticking a medical device to skin is not as simple as it sounds. Numerous variables come into play such as the patient’s age, gender, race, diet, activity, skin condition, and climate. Other variables include the stretchability […]

  How to choose colour for your medical device Guessing which colour will be received well by the market is a very risky method for a product that has been thoughtfully developed.You can enhance the success of your medical devices through thoughtful colour design. My first blog discussed the impact of current colour trends in medical device and how […]

Colours make products easier and more intuitive to use Staying with the current colour trends and creating your company’s colour palette can create more acceptance for a medical device as explained in my previous blog. Colour can also enhance usability through organization and eye orientation. The right colours can diminish negative feelings often associated with the […]

For almost a century, green was the colour of hospitals and medical devices. That’s because back in 1914, according to a fascinating story in the Canadian Medical Journal, US surgeon Dr. Harry Sherman found the traditional white background much too bright and glaring under the new electric lighting systems. Reasoning that green was the colour […]