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Digital Health: Will Consumer Electronics cause Medical Device Obsolescence?

Notable players like Google and Apple are rushing to bring their versions of ‘healthcare’ monitoring devices and Digital Health  applications to market.  All of this is very exciting and offers lots of value to those who embrace the technology. They’re developing new and easy to navigate products that transfer the responsibility of managing an individual’s […]

David Dobson

Dobson’s “Check” list to attract Medical Device Investment

Money, Innovation and Good Management    The success of a new venture, even a great technology company, depends only partially on the effectiveness of the new technology to solve a problem. Verifying the ability of a new management team to plan out the agenda of an enterprise, motivate/manage people and resources towards measurable goals is […]

David Dobson

Scientists and Inventors Need Product Developers

In my travels I frequently come across an interesting group of people, who, regardless of location and considerable education, share a common misunderstanding of how successful products are developed. These individuals reside in newly formed companies that have spun out of university and/or hospital settings. Companies composed of very smart scientists/doctors/academics (who are often the […]

David Dobson

It’s Not the Product, It’s the Delivery System

I remember reading a few years ago about how everything was becoming a commodity.  Several articles proclaimed that all physical products are or will be, sometime in the not so distant future, made so cheaply and have such wide distribution, that everyone, everywhere will have access to everything, and at reasonable cost.  At the time […]

David Dobson

Smoke and Mirrors, Virtual Companies, and Other Forms of Trickery

I’ve worked in product development in a number of roles for almost 27 years, most of it with consulting firms. I’ve tended to migrate to the consulting world because of the wide variety of projects and the never ending opportunities to learn. If you’re a high energy person with a curious mind, a great work […]

David Dobson

Who should drive product development?

Competing interests Getting the process, activities and priorities of a product development organization right is one of the most important things a company can do.  The cost and time it takes to bring a product to market necessitates the involvement, at one time or another, of a lot of people and most departments in a company.  […]

David Dobson

Mobile Device Platforms and their Effect on the Cost of Healthcare Delivery

As Bob Dylan sang many years ago…”The times they are a-changin’”.   What was true for him in 1964, is also true for those developing medical devices over the next few years.  From onerous new regulatory requirements to the scarcity of investment capital, aging demographics, and new governments and their policies, many factors are causing a […]

David Dobson

Why a Small Manufacturing Facility Can Make a Big Difference

Ever since I entered the world of product development, I’ve heard countless pitches from sales people who work for large contract manufacturing service providers – pitches that focus not so much on their capabilities and unique/real value, but more about the size of their organizations.  The shtick goes something like this: “We have 10 factories, […]

David Dobson

The Art of the Cold Call

A couple of years ago I was on the corporate side of the equation.  After 16 years in consulting, I took a gig with a California based, consumer electronic, laptop and smartphone accessory company.  In this role I was responsible for certain functions of product development, including managing the Industrial Design team.  Because of this, […]

David Dobson

Work that Makes a Difference

The world is full of opportunities to take what you’ve learned in school and life and apply your energy and efforts in ways that allow you to gain a personal profit from your work. This is the easiest and most common route because making money from the application of skill sets and experience provides rewards, both […]

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