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Entrepreneurship and emotional resilience

Saturday night I won the Technology category of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2017 Pacific Awards ceremony held in Vancouver BC. I’m sharing my acceptance speech video with our blog readers who are entrepreneurs or about to embark on the journey.  To me, the award is a team award for what we’ve achieved together because StarFish and ViVitro are […]

Scott Phillips

The reality of working at StarFish – two employees talk about their experiences

Working for StarFish Medical is unique because of the culture and the nature of consulting relationships. We’re continually growing and hiring employees at all levels thanks to successful projects, innovative employees, and referrals from clients and colleagues. Applicants might wonder which types of people flourish in our environment and what successful employees have discovered after […]

Scott Phillips

Doug Evans discusses medtech start-ups, scaling, and creating block buster products

A few years ago I started interviewing successful serial medical device entrepreneurs. Then I began assembling data from people I identified through Google or LinkedIn searches. It’s always fascinating to hear their stories and realize how they’ve improved or saved thousands of lives in many different ways. Typical of the entrepreneurs I speak with, Doug Evans […]

Scott Phillips

Where is Medical Device Funding Going?

Digging into the Q2 MoneyTree™ Report I spent some time recently digging into the Q2 Life Sciences MoneyTree report by PWC.  I wondered how the Medical Device industry is faring these days for new venture capital investment.  There are some interesting medical device funding trends for sure. Significant deals this quarter included Holaira ($42M Series D – […]

Scott Phillips

Free Medical Device Process & Tools Help Start-Up Shift From Consumer to Medical

Curious about the checklist, video, and free consultation offers for your medical device concept that appear on our site?  Here’s how an entrepreneurial company that is not a StarFish client uses our medical device process and materials to improve their business and medical device success. Medinovel, a medical innovation start-up, is using free tools from StarFish Medical’s website […]

Scott Phillips

5 Top Annual Plan Medical Device Design and Development Process Improvements

Whether you are thinking about Annual Planning or Year End Closing, we’re in a time of reflection and resolve to improve.   Over the years I’ve learned to choose a limited number of improvement efforts, apply management  resources, then measure with them regularly for progress and impact. The costs of not focusing sufficiently in a few key areas can ruin a great […]

Scott Phillips

What does the Abbot Glucose Meter recall tell us about Risk Analysis and Verification Testing?

In April of this year Abbott announced a recall of their Freestyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Meter. As per their press release, when measuring very high glucose levels of more than 1024 mg/dL the machine reports incorrect (and much lower) values. Glucose levels that high, while rare, are dangerous. Abbott is one of the most professional […]

Scott Phillips

Can Innovators Implement?

Are you expecting your engineers to cover both innovation and execution tasks?  Are you in fact leaving a lot of potential success on the table? I used to believe that a single point of accountability from beginning to end of a project was ideal.  My confidence was shaken however after seeing projects that either failed […]

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