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Liana Di Marco

MaRS EXCITE: Help navigating health system market access in Ontario

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, the main funding entity in Ontario, EXCITE now offers customized, flexible services to help companies understand: the evidence they need to meet key stakeholder decision-making requirements to access the province’s market, the relevant systemic barriers that could slow adoption and uptake, the system changes that need to […]

Clara Li

Navigating Medical Device International Regulations

Bringing medical devices to market in a single country can be a regulatory challenge. The process often becomes much more complex when marketing in multiple countries and navigating medical device international regulations. A comprehensive understanding of current regulations in each country of interest is required as device laws and regulations are constantly changing. If you’re […]

Jurgen Frasheri

Micropipette Aspiration – An Inexpensive Method to Measure Mechanical Properties of Cells

The ability to measure the changes in cells’ mechanical properties can reveal crucial insight into the effects of environmental and pathological stresses. Such properties can have far reaching applications, from its use as a diagnostic tool to stem cell research. In this blog I showcase the technique of Micropipette Aspiration, an inexpensive way to measure […]

Yoav Raiter

How blockchain technology will change the medical device industry

Blockchain technology introduces new secured measures for keeping authentic and anonymously real time personal data in decentralized manner. It can be expected that upon maturity the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin will gain the required trust and be used extensively by partners of the highly regulated healthcare ecosystems: patients, regulators, clinics, pharmacies, insurers, laboratories, technology developers […]

Rade Gadzic

Using rare earth magnets in medical devices

Since first discovery of magnetism and magnets in ancient Greece and China, this phenomena has found its place in a wide variety of applications. Uses range from early use as a compass helping navigate uncharted and unknown waters, to modern medicine in early cancer detection. This blog will describe a novel medical application and then […]

Tim Park

How to Define Medical Device ID Strategy

The first steps to shaping your medical product’s look and feel It is important to define medical device ID strategy early, especially when form and function are often closely intertwined. This exercise is most useful once a company is ready to begin developing a tangible product. Defining your industrial design strategy can help ease some […]

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