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Astero StarFish

Top 10: 2014 Medical Device Development Blogs

Welcome to our most read Medical Device Development Blogs of 2014. StarFish Medical readers can’t get enough regulatory information and analysis.  They are also partial to testing, design, career path, and finances. StarFish writers cover a lot of topics with a common goal: Share experiences and knowledge with medical device colleagues. ICYMI, here’s a chance to catch our most […]

David Dobson

Digital Health: Will Consumer Electronics cause Medical Device Obsolescence?

Notable players like Google and Apple are rushing to bring their versions of ‘healthcare’ monitoring devices and Digital Health  applications to market.  All of this is very exciting and offers lots of value to those who embrace the technology. They’re developing new and easy to navigate products that transfer the responsibility of managing an individual’s […]

David Dobson

Dobson’s “Check” list to attract Medical Device Investment

Money, Innovation and Good Management    The success of a new venture, even a great technology company, depends only partially on the effectiveness of the new technology to solve a problem. Verifying the ability of a new management team to plan out the agenda of an enterprise, motivate/manage people and resources towards measurable goals is […]

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