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Vanessa Del Castillo Faria

How to extract good value from your medical device supply chain

Manufacturing low volume, high complex medical device products requires sourcing highly customized and expensive parts. This makes it hard to extract good value from your medical device supply chain. While high-volume production enables economies of scale, low volume custom-made production involves fewer parts to absorb product development, tooling and production equipment costs.

Dana Trousil

First-to-Market Vs. robust commercialization: trade-offs, tips, and tactics

Bringing your medical device to market involves a lot of trade-offs. First-to-Market Vs. robust commercialization process. Do you launch quickly with a minimum viable product? There may be significant post-launch changes in order to be the first to market. Possible negative feedback from rushing to market may destroy any device adoption. Perhaps going through an […]

Mike Camplin

MD+DI: Are Your Volume-Saving Price Predictions Reasonable?

The March 26, 2019 online edition of MD+DI Components features Are Your Volume-Saving Price Predictions Reasonable? by Starfis Medical Team Lead Mechanical Engineering, Nigel Syrotuck. Subtitled “A brief look at common processes for part production and their approximate cost-savings across low to high volumes“, the article helps demystify the impact of volume on the price […]

Mike Camplin

MPO Mag: When Should You Design Ultrasound Hardware from Scratch?

  The January 29, 2019 online edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) magazine features When Should You Design Ultrasound Hardware from Scratch? written by Kenneth MacCallum, Principal Engineering Physicist, StarFish Medical. MacCallum notes, “Ultrasound system development includes some of the biggest electronic, digital logic, and software design challenges of all medical devices.” He explains the conundrum faced by […]

Mike Camplin

MD+DI: REACH FAQs for Medical Device Professionals

  REACH FAQs for Medical Device Professionals, a guest article by Nigel Syrotuck is featured in the November 30, 2018 Regulatory and Compliance section of MD+DI online. Subtitled “The EU regulation may have been around for more than a decade, but there is still a lot for medtech to learn”, the article notes: “The hard […]

Taimoor Khan

Qualifying and Managing RoHS and REACH suppliers

Companies manufacturing equipment or consumer parts that use hazardous materials in the manufacturing process must comply with RoHS and REACH environment regulations. RoHS and REACH are two regulations that require compliance if a company intends to sell in the European Union, China, Korea and some parts of the United States and Canada. Therefore it is […]

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