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David Dobson

Scientists and Inventors Need Product Developers

In my travels I frequently come across an interesting group of people, who, regardless of location and considerable education, share a common misunderstanding of how successful products are developed. These individuals reside in newly formed companies that have spun out of university and/or hospital settings. Companies composed of very smart scientists/doctors/academics (who are often the […]

Mark Drlik

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Grant Money in Medical Device Design

The Industrial Revolution was, at least partly, funded by the Spanish pillaging the new world of gold and silver. Fortunately, since then we have found more controlled and focused programs to assist smart, capable people to achieve their goals. This is especially true in the medical field, where the final product has a direct impact […]

David Dobson

It’s Not the Product, It’s the Delivery System

I remember reading a few years ago about how everything was becoming a commodity.  Several articles proclaimed that all physical products are or will be, sometime in the not so distant future, made so cheaply and have such wide distribution, that everyone, everywhere will have access to everything, and at reasonable cost.  At the time […]

Martine Janicki

Teamwork in Medical Device Development

What makes a project successful or not? A seasoned project manager, charismatic leader, low risk technology, spin on existing proven technology or the right discipline resource mix? Well, maybe it’s all of those and a bit of chance, but it’s most importantly the right attitude. Let me elaborate. In my last blog, I covered the […]

Scott Phillips

Can Innovators Implement?

Are you expecting your engineers to cover both innovation and execution tasks?  Are you in fact leaving a lot of potential success on the table? I used to believe that a single point of accountability from beginning to end of a project was ideal.  My confidence was shaken however after seeing projects that either failed […]

David Dobson

Smoke and Mirrors, Virtual Companies, and Other Forms of Trickery

I’ve worked in product development in a number of roles for almost 27 years, most of it with consulting firms. I’ve tended to migrate to the consulting world because of the wide variety of projects and the never ending opportunities to learn. If you’re a high energy person with a curious mind, a great work […]

Scott Phillips

Squeeze Insurance in Medical Device Development

 So you’re starting a new medical device company!  You’ve got technology, IP, a regulatory path, a reimbursement model, an unmet need, a sustainable competitive advantage, a compelling business case and some seed capital.  The future is exciting.  What else do you need? I’ll tell you what you need.  You need to own 10-30% of your […]

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