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John Walmsley

Digital Health & medical devices – regulatory and technical implications

Last week I discussed the advantages and motivations for engaging with Digital Health.   This week I examine the extra regulatory hassles and technical challenges.  I also share a video of a panel discussion with StarFish Medical president, Scott Phillips, Kenneth MacCallum, Principal Engineering Physicist, and Sal Sanci from our Software Engineering Group that I […]

John Walmsley

Digital Health & medical devices – advantages and motivations

I have been moderating panels on Digital Health for the past few years and noticed that this term can mean different things to different people. To our clients, Digital Health generally refers to connecting a medical device to a network to capture all of the advantages that such a connection brings. For example, we’re working with Interface Therapeutics on a […]

David Dobson

Digital Health: Will Consumer Electronics cause Medical Device Obsolescence?

Notable players like Google and Apple are rushing to bring their versions of ‘healthcare’ monitoring devices and Digital Health  applications to market.  All of this is very exciting and offers lots of value to those who embrace the technology. They’re developing new and easy to navigate products that transfer the responsibility of managing an individual’s […]

Kenneth MacCallum

4 Tips for using floating point computations in firmware

Digital Health: Floating Away Until very recently I would never have dreamed of using floating point computations in firmware. It required too heavy a penalty in code space and computation time. Suddenly the game changed considerably.  Now there are a number of relatively inexpensive microcontrollers which have single-precision floating point capabilities implemented in hardware. Here […]

Shane Reierson

Choosing a platform for mobile medical devices

Digital Health: iOS or Android™ Medical Device developers are always looking for ways to reduce risk in devices.  A major source of risk is poor usability.  When designing medical devices (including mobile medical devices), the challenge of presenting complex, precise, and possibly life critical information to the user is huge.  Identification of critical functions, foreseeable misuse, […]

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