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Nadia Routhier

Cardboard Mock-Ups Vs. 3D Printing for Rapid Iterations

When I joined StarFish Medical I was pretty stoked about the 3D printer and marvelled at the prints created by the Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Designers. As a Human Factors Engineer in product development my favorite challenges are the ones that call on imaginative solutions for investigating and testing use-related ideas and concepts for new […]

Hannah Rusak-Gillrie

Formative Evaluations and Tests, and When to Use Them

A critical component of Human Factors input during product design is evidence – based, user-centered feedback, gathered from conducting formative usability activities. We use two main approaches to gathering such feedback: Formative Evaluations and Formative Testing.  This blog details the differences between these methods, and the appropriate circumstances for their application.

Mike Camplin

ID HF UX Newsletter -September 2020 News & Insights

StarFish Medical September 2020 News & Insights Annual ID HF  UX Newsletter is now online. – In This Issue: Design lessons from the COVID-19 Ventilator Adapting ID HF UX Medical Device Research for COVID-19 Formative Evaluations and Tests Amr Salahieh and Shifamed webinar Interview: Dr. Lyes Kadem Events Careers August Images   About StarFish Medical […]

Astero StarFish

9 ways good ID impacts medical devices

It’s not all about looks Recently a group including engineers, project managers, manufacturing, and QA colleagues discussed the impact of Industrial Design (ID) and Human Factors on medical devices.  Although no one from the ID team was able to make the discussion, their cause was well supported.  The conversation identified 9 ways good ID impacts medical devices and lots […]

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