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David Dobson

Why a Small Manufacturing Facility Can Make a Big Difference

Ever since I entered the world of product development, I’ve heard countless pitches from sales people who work for large contract manufacturing service providers – pitches that focus not so much on their capabilities and unique/real value, but more about the size of their organizations.  The shtick goes something like this: “We have 10 factories, […]

David Dobson

The Amazing Contrast Between Teams that Develop Medical Devices and those Who Create Consumer Electronic Products

Over the last several years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with a couple of very different types of product development organizations.  I’ve managed larger teams of designers and engineers engaged in the creation of Consumer Electronic (CE) products, and I’ve been a part of equally exciting companies dedicated to the development of highly […]

Jason Dolynny

Is Your Medical Device Ready for Manufacturing?

Once in a while cutting corners can add huge costs.  In one memorable case, an electro-mechanical device was transferred to us for manufacture with a number of design for manufacturing elements unverified.  Not surprisingly, there were field issues.  For example, the coatings hadn’t been tested in the use environment sufficiently and did not hold up.  […]

Robert Aitken


RoboSep Lab Automation Equipment True walk-away automation of immunomagnetic cell separation The RoboSep™ robotic cell separator by StemCell Technologies is the first instrument to offer true walk-away automation of immunomagnetic cell separation. Incorporating proprietary magnet and bio-reagent technology for better repeatability and throughput, the device includes a robotic arm and pump. It also incorporates an […]

Robert Aitken


HiCycle Prosthetic Heart Valve Tester The HiCycle™ system is an accelerated wear tester used to determine the durability or fatigue of prosthetic heart valves and other cardiac devices under pulsatile flow and physiological loading. For more information, please visit the Vivitro Labs website.

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