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Christian Fleischhacker

MDDI: Choosing the Right Medtech Product Development Consultancy

The August 31, 2023 online edition of Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) features Choosing the Right Medtech Product Development Consultancy by David Dobson, Vice President, Business Development at StarFish Medical. Dobson explains that explores areas and ideas that should be added to a partner qualification tool kit. Several criteria are often used by medical […]

Christian Fleischhacker

MPO: 4 Ways to Align Product Development with Investor Milestones

  The June 1, 2022 online issue of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features online and print exclusive, 4 Ways to Align Product Development with Investor Milestones, written by Scott Phillips, StarFish Medical Founder and CEO. Sub-headed Aligning all technical activities around the investor gates typically means, the whole company must be aligned around lean startup […]

Kenneth MacCallum

What’s the Point of Medical Device Proof of Concepts (POCs)?

Throughout the development of a product there are technology-related project risks that have the potential to negatively impact budget and timeline. At StarFish, our development process defines medical device proof-of-concept (POC) prototypes to mitigate these risks, either by resolving the uncertainty one way or the other, or by testing the use of a new or […]

David Dobson

Scientists and Inventors Need Product Developers

In my travels I frequently come across an interesting group of people, who, regardless of location and considerable education, share a common misunderstanding of how successful products are developed. These individuals reside in newly formed companies that have spun out of university and/or hospital settings. Companies composed of very smart scientists/doctors/academics (who are often the […]

Bjarne Hansen

Hacking Medical Devices

Hacking (gaining access to a device through unintended means) commonly has negative connotations, but it need not imply an intent to destroy data or harm hardware. I’ll use the term Hacking in this blog, with the acknowledgement that when malicious intent is involved, a better term is Cracking. Hacking medical devices is not new, but […]

Scott Phillips

Can Innovators Implement?

Are you expecting your engineers to cover both innovation and execution tasks?  Are you in fact leaving a lot of potential success on the table? I used to believe that a single point of accountability from beginning to end of a project was ideal.  My confidence was shaken however after seeing projects that either failed […]

Boyd Allin

Staged Medical Device Development

Developing a complex medical device spans a significant period of time and a significant expertise spectrum. Early ideation and technology development through transfer to volume manufacturing covers a tremendous range of skill sets. Staged product development as employed by StarFish has some unique benefits for dealing with the changing skill sets required throughout the development […]

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