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Scott Phillips

Squeeze Insurance in Medical Device Development

 So you’re starting a new medical device company!  You’ve got technology, IP, a regulatory path, a reimbursement model, an unmet need, a sustainable competitive advantage, a compelling business case and some seed capital.  The future is exciting.  What else do you need? I’ll tell you what you need.  You need to own 10-30% of your […]

Mark Drlik

The Usefulness of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Medical Device Design

First principles calculations are the best way to give a design concept a reality check and worthy fluid dynamics books have a wealth of reference information on drag coefficients, major/minor losses, hydraulic diameter calculations, and a trusty Moody diagram. However, sometimes the problem is less intuitive… For example, non-Newtonian fluid flow, actual flow from a fan, […]

Boyd Allin

Design Reviews in Medical Device Development

During the development of medical and consumer electronic devices there are scheduled design reviews held in order to comply with IEC 60601 and to ensure the best product is realized. These reviews are invaluable; however, a few common pitfalls are worth identification.   One tendency is to narrow the audience to a myopic group of […]

David Dobson

Who should drive product development?

Competing interests Getting the process, activities and priorities of a product development organization right is one of the most important things a company can do.  The cost and time it takes to bring a product to market necessitates the involvement, at one time or another, of a lot of people and most departments in a company.  […]

Greg Browne

6 Things to Consider in Medical Device Development for the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Interventional cardiology procedures are generally very profitable for healthcare institutions and, after a decade of growth, there continues to be significant investment and technology advancement in the catheterisation laboratory (or cath lab). However in an age of tightening budgets, medical institutions are also seeking further cost and time efficiencies to ensure that current margins are […]

Kenneth MacCallum

Designing Firmware Logically

Bjarne and Trevor have both written some compelling perspectives on the use of microcontroller firmware, particularly about how to constrain its scope. Here’s another perspective. Recently we had a discussion about a new product we’re developing and the role of firmware in it. Trevor suggested that the entire functionality could be achieved completely in logic […]

Scott Phillips

Ingvar was Right

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, famously said “An idea without a pricetag has no meaning”.  He liked the phrase so much he had it painted on the walls of his stores. I must confess to being annoyed the first time I read this statement.   It seemed a crass reduction of ideas to simple commerce.  […]

Bjarne Hansen

Say again‽‽

Communication errors occur in many situations. We may miss hearing a spouse’s request to “buy milk” over the crying of an infant. A phone ringing during your presentation may cause you to stutter. Or a medicine expected to expire on 07-08-12 actually expires on 12-07-08. Here are some reasons for misheard communications: Ambient interference and […]

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