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Amanda Cooper

Coming Face to Face with Our End Users

You won’t often find me posting on this blog. I am usually behind the scenes, working on the website or engaging in public relations efforts. Recently, one of those efforts resulted in a wonderful story in the Globe and Mail about our client, ChestMaster. The ChestMaster device is a vest that aids in percussive therapy for individuals […]

Robert Aitken


OsseoPulse Osseointegration System Accelerates bone healing after dental implant surgery OsseoPulse’s light treatment technology safely, effectively and non-invasively accelerates early wound healing, implant loading and bone regeneration following oral surgery and dental implants.

Robert Aitken


OnyCure FTS Phototherapy fungus removal device OnyCure™ is a novel UV treatment system for nail fungus, which renders the organisms that cause infections inactive.

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