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Connected Medical Devices


The May 16 online edition of MedTech Intelligence features Security for Connected Medical Devices by StarFish Medical Software Engineering Manager, John Turner.

MTI introduces the article with this subheading: “Why does anyone want to hack a medical device or steal medical data? The risk may appear low, but unfortunately this is not the case.”

Turner notes: “In today’s world it is a given that medical devices will be connected. This can greatly enhance value, but with risks which we must address. Turning a blind eye to these issues is not a supportable product plan.”

John covers the following area of security for connected medical devices: Security Incidents, Security Policies, Analyzing the Risk, Tools, The Development Cycle, Data, Encryption, Function, Testing, and Maintenance.

In his summary, Turner advises: “Include cybersecurity as part of the development, testing, and maintenance process. This ensures connectivity and its associated added capabilities will enhance products without undue exposure. Turning a blind eye to these issues is not a supportable product plan.”

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