MPO Guest Article – Magnetics in Medical Devices: A Practical Guide



Magnetics in Medical Devices: A Practical Guide, a guest article by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineering Team Lead, Nigel Syrotuck, is featured in the October 17, 2018 online edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO).

With the subheading “Sometimes magnets are behind a core device technology and the commercialization team has to account for interference,” the article provides an extensive overview of magnets and magnetism focused on their use in medical devices. Syrotuck include a chart with very common medical device metals and their magnetism, noting that “it’s highly dependent on the manufacturing, treatment, and handling processes used to produce a part.”

Nigel leaves readers wanting more: “Electronics, including the design of electromagnetics, EMI, soft versus hard magnetism, and induction will be saved for another day.”

Nigel Syrotuck is a StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer Team Lead and frequent contributor to the StarFish blog and guest blogger for medical device media including MD+DIMedical Product Outsourcing, and Medtech Intelligence.  He injects humour and imagination into projects big and small and blogs on everything in-between.

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