MTI: 3-D Printing – How Improved Visualization is Driving Medical Adoption

 3-D Printing

The  features 3-D Printing: How Improved Visualization is Driving Medical Adoption by StarFish Medical mechanical engineer, Nathan Müller. The article Part of a series of articles on 3-D printing written by Müller for MTI.  In this installment, Nathan explains how new technologies are enabling more effective product development, better clinician training and detailed surgical planning.

Müller notes; ” 3-D printing offers opportunities to view the body in anatomically precise layered states. Quick-turn, relatively inexpensive, multi-material components resulting from new 3-D printing technologies bring more effective development in projects, better training for clinicians, and in-depth planning before surgeries.”

He concludes with this thought: “The overlap of the medical industry and 3-D printing is progressing rapidly. With increasing adoption in the classroom and hospital, this modular technology is showing its true value. Product development will continue to lead the use of 3-D printed prototypes for preliminary review and study. Many parts will also be carried forward into production-ready and released devices. While the future is always uncertain, we can bet on this technology finding its way into healthcare.”

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