MTI: Rapidly Changing POC Assay Development Opportunity

POC Assay Development

The May 1 online edition of MedTech Intelligence features Rapidly Changing POC Assay Development Opportunity by StarFish Medical Biotech Manager, Nick Allan.

MTI introduces the article with this subheading: “In the quest for faster, more accurate results, these products will have a tremendous impact on diagnosing infectious diseases.”

Allan notes: “Infectious diseases point of care (POC) development is going to become a rapidly growing market in the near future (five to 15 years). Rapid POC testing is increasingly deployed as an aid in the diagnosis of infectious disease, due to its ability to deliver quick, actionable results while the healthcare provider still has access to the patient being tested.”

Nick discusses why POC is becoming popular, what is changing in the market, geographic implications as well as technology, regulatory, funding, and current activity.  In his summary, Nick advises: “Navigating the infectious diseases POC assay development landscape can be tricky business, but the journey may be well worth the trouble given the opportunities this emerging market can offer—just be sure to use a good compass.”

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