ODT Orthopedic Design and Technology – Powered Exoskeletons: What Are We Waiting For?

 Powered Exoskeletons


ODT Orthopedic Design and Technology published Powered Exoskeletons: What Are We Waiting For? by StarFish Mechanical Engineer, Nigel Syrotuck, on August 10, 2017.

Syrotuck’s blog ponders the questions: “How is it a technology that’s captivated human interest for over 125 years, accrued millions of dollars in funding, and been demonstrated successfully in a number of high-profile industries isn’t ubiquitous yet? Is it the calm before the storm? Or is the exoskeleton doomed to be a commercial, medical, and military failure?”  He observes, “The obvious answer is they are too technically challenging, so let’s examine those challenges and see how they played out for two high-profile products.”

The article compares the adoption of Powered Exoskeletons to automobiles and surgical robots.  He concludes: “The lack of sales or an exploding market share can be a disillusion to some, but it took the modern car about 35 years to go from concept to common, and they certainly were not cheap. It seems like powered exoskeletons still have another decade or so before we should start to worry that an affordable, accessible, functional exoskeleton may never happen.”

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