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Artemis Ultrasound Scanner

World’s first VHF digital ultrasound eye arc-scanner

The Artemis® ophthalmic ultrasound is the world’s first digital eye arc-scanner. The device is designed to provide detailed cross-sectional images of the cornea and anterior segments of the eye for diagnostic and post-surgical assessment.

The Challenge

StarFish was engaged to develop an Artemis 1 prototype. This was later followed by design and pilot production of the Artemis 2.

How StarFish Helped

With technical experts at Cornell University, StarFish developed the technology which included:

  • Extensive human factors, industrial, electro-mechanical, electrical and software design
  • Moving high-frequency ultrasound scan head, fluid interface system and system software
  • Disposable patient interface

The Results

  • Developed the technology into a marketable product
  • Highly successful prototypes with 20 pre-production units place worldwide (Artemis 1 has been running for ten years)
  • New IP for client
  • CE mark and FDA clearance

Tags: imaging system ophthalmology ultrasound

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