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OnyCure FTS

Phototherapy fungus removal device

OnyCure™ is a novel UV treatment system for nail fungus, which renders the organisms that cause infections inactive.

The Challenge

  • Development from concept through design, prototyping and regulatory approval to market launch
  • High intensity light source that meet regulatory and safety requirements
  • Safety features for high voltage and high intensity light
  • Ergonomic and suitable for clinical environment
  • Reliable, attractive, easy to clean and manufacture

How StarFish Helped

  • Meet all regulatory and safety challenges with easy-to-use device
  • Reliable method to fully enclose high intensity light source during treatment
  • Electronics capable of handling extremely high voltage and instantaneous power
  • Replaceable, high intensity light shield and lamp cartridge
  • Ozone and heat management system
  • Intuitive user interface

The Results

  • Exceeded client expectations in both form and function
  • Development of fully functional alpha and beta prototypes for clinical trials

Client: Keraderm

Tags: chiropody light therapy therapeutic device

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