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In many medical devices, especially those that are microprocessor controlled, it is common for programmable subsystems to communicate via asynchronous serial protocols. Such subsystems include things like programmable power supplies, syringe pumps, temperature controllers, motor controllers and smart linear actuators. I’m often surprised by how many of these devices have poorly thought-out protocols that make it […]

A few years ago I started interviewing successful serial medical device entrepreneurs. Then I began assembling data from people I identified through Google or LinkedIn searches. It’s always fascinating to hear their stories and realize how they’ve improved or saved thousands of lives in many different ways. Typical of the entrepreneurs I speak with, Doug Evans […]

As your medical device design approaches the manufacturing phase, it can be challenging to decide the best path for production.  Should you engage a contract manufacturer or figure out how to set up and start producing your medical device in-house? Many wonder if they need enough product to meet a contract manufacturer minimum volume.