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Learn more about our medical device contract manufacturing and product development process

Our comprehensive medical product concept definition (aka Pathfinder™) and development process  ensures a smooth transition from product definition and proof of concept through quality management, clinical trial and Health Canada or FDA approval.


As one of the world’s leading medical device contract manufacturing companies, we have successfully partnered with many innovative companies to create breakthrough products for numerous medical specialty areas.

Learn how our medical device consultants can help make the most of your medical device concept.

I think StarFish is a perfect combination of discipline for quality control and all the regulatory requirements that are there for good reason, but at the same time, porous enough that it's not siloed departments. If there's a really good person that's had experience in an aspect of your project, they might be called in. They might show up at your meeting because they've heard about it, they have a keen interest, and can lend an idea that may ultimately be a definitive moment in the development of the product.

When we're sitting in a room it feels like one team working on one project. We're all equally invested emotionally in what we're trying to accomplish. And we certainly believe that what we've been working on has the potential to have very significant impact on mental health.

Kenneth Irving (‘Irv’)


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