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2022 Top 10 Medical Device Commercialization Videos

StarFish Medical YouTube subscribers grew 50% in 2022. What medical device commercialization videos were they watching?

Our 2022 top 10 medical device commercialization videos include six new videos and four favorites from previous years. The videos cover a variety of medical device commercialization topics including 60601-1, optimizing founder value, manufacturing for NPI and working with  StarFish Medical.

1 How to Perform an IEC 60601-1 Medical Device Drop Test
(New in 2022) If you’re trying to market an electronic medical device in the EU, Canada, the USA, or other regions that recognize IEC 60601-1, certification testing to 60601-1 must typically be completed formally by a third-party laboratory before a device can be approved for sale. Nigel Syrotuck demonstrates how to perform the test in-house before submitting for formal testing. This video is part of Nigel’s How to Perform Medical Device Drop Test blog.

2 What it takes to build a $100M Medical Device Product or Company
(#1 in 2021)  Scott Phillips’ presentation examines successful Canadian medtech entrepreneurs and identifies key success factors. Recorded at Medical Device Playbook Toronto 2018.

3 The True Cost of Developing a Medical Device
Learn how to better estimate your medical device development costs from experts in venture capital, serial medical device entrepreneurship, and medtech design and development engineering. The webinar recording features venture capitalist, Peter Van der Velden, Serial Medtech entrepreneur, Ramgopal Rao, and Medical Device Program Design Director, Mark Drlik.

4 Manufacturing Designed for NPI
Learn why choosing a development and manufacturing partner with expertise in New Product Introduction (NPI) is important to the success of your medical device. Hear from Scott Phillips StarFish manufacturing and supply chain leaders. Topcis include 3 Root Causes of NPI Problems, Optimizing Supply Chain, Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) Tips, and When to Involve Manufacturing in the Design Process.

5 Product Development for Lean Medtech Startups
(New in 2022) What type of product development is best for founders of lean medtech startups? Doing the right amount of development as efficiently as possible to get to the next valuation milestone. Scott Phillips explains how StarFish Medical is helping 100 clients reach $100 Million in valuation over the next decade.

6 Working With StarFish Medical: Opticyte Case Study
(New in 2022) Lori Arakaki, a co-founder and the CEO of Opticyte, shares her experience working with StarFish Medical to develop the first Cell O₂ monitor. Opticyte is transforming the standard of care for the leading causes of organ failure, including sepsis, with real-time measurement. Physicians will be able to definitively identify shock in their critically ill patients and make optimal treatment decisions. Lori explains how working with StarFish enables Opticyte to be a very capital efficient startup.

7 Frank Baylis and Kris Shah on Bootstrapping Baylis Medical to a $2 Billion Exit
(New in 2022) Frank Baylis and Kris Shah share their remarkable 40 year journey transforming and bootstrapping Baylis Medical Company to a $2 Billion exit and acquisition by Boston Scientific in October 2021. This Medtech Adventures recording of a #MDPLAYBOOK webinar interview with Scott Phillips is enhanced with images of the journey from Frank and Kris’ private collections.

8 In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device Expertise
In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Devices (#2 in 2021) team members discuss the range and breadth of experience, process, quality and innovation they bring to In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device entrepreneurs and organizations seeking expertise to turn their concepts into approved IVD medical devices.

9 Biomanufacturing, Dx Assay Technologies and Advanced Cellular Therapies
(New in 2022) Learn about Biomanufacturing, Dx Assay Technologies and Advanced Cellular Therapies from the Bio Services team at StarFish Medical.Topics include microfluidics, personalized medicine, RegenMed and biomanufacturing.

10 Medical Device QA / RA Insights and Tips
Medical Device QA / RA experts from StarFish Medical share tips and insights on medical device QA and Regulatory topics including labelling, regulatory strategies auditing, and reimbursement.

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Astero StarFish is the attributed author of StarFish Medical team blogs. We value teamwork and collaboration on all of our medical device development projects.


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