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6 important changes for job hunters during COVID

job hunters during COVIDThe job hunting landscape is always changing and over the past several years it has been increasingly challenging for candidates to find the right company. In response to the pandemic these trends have become more noticeable as we all learn to navigate the new and often remote workplace, see the impact of reduced work forces, and learn about the changing priorities for both the candidates and the employers.

As a partner in TallSky Consulting Group with many years of experience in recruiting, I’ve seen some key changes in the past year. Here are 6 important changes for job hunters during COVID:

Job Search: Be sure you have a plan, research the companies before applying to be sure you are targeting jobs that really interest you instead of using a mass email approach. You are going to be more successful in finding the right company and position because you are excited about the opportunity. StarFish has an excellent website providing lots of great information about the innovative work they do and also highlighting the strength of their culture and amazing benefits of working there.

Diversity: Research shows that diversity leads to improved communication, generates more ideas and challenges people to think outside the box. Gender, ethnic and cultural diversity has also been shown to translate to above average company profitability. StarFish ensures their hiring process provides a structured interview process that eliminates unconscious bias and involves multiple interviewers to assess candidates, resulting in more inclusive hiring practices while embracing the cultural and experiential differences that comes from a more diverse workforce. This brings new skills and experience into the StarFish team and it has never been more important in this competitive world.

Quality of candidates: Many industries and companies have experienced a drop in revenue reducing headcounts or required restructuring of their organization and workforce in response. This has resulted in higher unemployment and more individuals searching for work. You may find there are more experienced candidates applying for positions they would not have considered in the past. As a result, you could have increased competition for fewer jobs as employers have an opportunity to hire highly qualified candidates. StarFish is good at recognizing a candidate’s education and unique skills and experience. They work to find the right opportunity in the organization to maximize each employee’s potential, providing them with the ability to contribute and enjoy development and long-term stability in their careers.

Interview process: Hiring managers have been used to meeting candidates in person and generally many felt more comfortable assessing a candidate in this format. New public health protocols have increased the use of video conferencing and phone conversations at StarFish in place of the in-person interview. Make sure you brush up on these skills and be prepared to present a professional impression and always be authentic. StarFish provides multiple interview opportunities so you can demonstrate how your experience relates and qualifies you for the specific responsibilities of the position. Mentally prepare and create a safe space for yourself online, listen carefully to voice intonation and read facial expressions to ensure you are providing the right information in response to questions. Try to avoid issues with connectivity and distractions in a home environment by testing systems in advance of the interview.

Time frames: Many candidates who have found themselves out of work are eager to get back to work, or they may see the ‘writing on the wall’ with their current employer and desire more secure employment to ensure their financial needs are met, particularly through this uncertain time. StarFish has streamlined their hiring process to minimize unnecessary delays and are focused on keeping strong candidates engaged through multiple interviews to the reference and offer stages to ensure the best candidate accepts the job.

Value proposition: Candidates are now searching for positions based on the stability of the company for job security and want good work/life balance, flexible work schedules, as well as health and safety to be a priority. In addition, the company’s culture and core values still hold key importance in attracting the best candidates. A fair and equitable compensation program, learning opportunities, and the potential for career growth are part of this. From the first interview through the offer and onboarding, StarFish consistently delivers on their value proposition to prospective employees.

As always, it’s critical for candidates to understand recruitment processes will continue to evolve in the same way jobs and companies must change. Being agile and adapting your skills for job seeking and interviewing will enable job hunters during COVID to succeed in this new and hopefully soon to be post-pandemic world. I would love to learn about your job search and interview experiences, contact me at [email protected]

Kerri Keeler’s clients (including StarFish Medical) appreciate her eye for talent and her ability to find the right candidate to fit the organization and meet the team’s needs. Her HR approach focuses on building diversity and enhancing culture while balancing the objectives of the business and team to deliver results.

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