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Nick Allan

Canadian Medtech Entrepreneurs: Reduce your Medical Device R&D costs by 50%

5 Easy Steps to Complete a Canadian SR&ED application The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED or SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program has long been the unsung hero of many of Canada’s science and technology development Cinderella stories. The Canadian SR&ED program provides support in the form of tax credits and/or refunds, to corporations, partnerships or […]

Lynne Lowry

11 Essential Traits of a Successful Medical Device Entrepreneur

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark in the medical device industry must possess a unique set of traits to navigate challenges and drive innovation. Leading business development teams in the medical device industry has provided ample opportunities for me to have conversations with numerous entrepreneurs. Throughout these discussions ten […]

Astero StarFish

Top 10 Medtech Entrepreneur Webinars of 2023

Our first Medical Device Playbook Webinar debuted on July 24, 2020. Created to fill a vacuum created when live events were halted by COVID -19. The first MDPlaybook Medtech Entrepreneur Webinar covered How COVID-19 is Changing Medical Device Commercialization, a fitting topic if ever there was one. Since then, monthly webinars feature medtech executives, serial […]

Astero StarFish

10 Most Read New Medical Device Blogs in 2023

This year’s list of most read StarFish Medical blogs features the 10 most read blogs written in 2023 and the 10 most read employee written blogs during 2023 including some from back in 2014. Our new blogs include expertise and insights from three new authors, two group blogs and five articles from blogging veterans. Topics […]

Astero StarFish

Medical Device Commercialization Resolutions for 2023

Have you made your medical device commercialization resolutions for 2023? We polled our quality, regulatory, project management, manufacturing, and engineering experts for their New Year resolutions. De-risking early, communicating often, testing, and managing pivots were top themes for 2023. Read their medical device commercialization resolutions below:

Astero StarFish

8 Tips to Manage Medtech Stakeholder Expectations

Managing medtech stakeholder expectations is an important element of medical device development success. Investors, Internal stakeholders, KOLs, Clinicians, Scientists and Engineers will all play a part in shaping and delivering a successful medical device. We asked key members of our team to share their best tips and lessons learned. Here are 8 tips to manage […]

Astero StarFish

The Future of BioManufacturing

Six BioManufacturing Trends to Watch in 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic shed a light on the strengths and shortcomings of the global biotech infrastructure in relation to pandemic readiness and general support of biotech innovation.

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