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Medical Device Marketing: Are you using the top three principles?

MATRx allows sleep apnea treatment decisions to be made based on patient-specific evidence. Source:

Medical device marketing is unique in that it is based on a few principles of value and client experience. How does a medical device company rise above that of the competitors and stand out as the industry expert and the go to ‘medical device’ company?

Here are the top three principles of medical device marketing:

  1. Evidence-Based Marketing

Personal finances and health are two of the main concerns of most people as they directly affect our lives. What’s common between the two? Honesty. Not being true to your healthcare provider and financial advisor can work against us. This is why in both the financial and the healthcare world, more specifically, the medical device world, evidence based marketing can do the trick if done right.

There can be some challenges of evidence-based marketing, such as, if the data used is inaccurate.  Incredible marketers like Seth Godin, will even argue that evidence-based marketing probably is not even the best tactic. But there is no denying that scientists, engineers, and technical professionals like numbers and facts.

Some of the many ways evidence based marketing can be achieved in the medtech world are client/product case studies, surveys, research on hot topics, fact-based info graphics, and the like.

  1. Value Story

What is your company’s value story? What makes your product/service unique? And more importantly, why should your company be selected?

This is one of the ways medical device marketing can help with sales. An article in MDDI Online highlighted how for the past two consecutive years, medical companies highlighted their top pain point to be ‘the inability of their sales team to communicate the value story.’

Your company could have all the necessary resources and the best tools to deliver, but if it does not come across in your messaging, it’s of limited value. Making sure your value story is communicated effectively will work wonders.

The company’s reputation, client profile, process, and quality of product delivery should all be included in the value story.

  1. Client Experience

It is not surprising in today’s world that many sales occur as a result of referral based marketing. In the medical device world, clients want to work with the best service providers to create their own ‘best’ value story. Very often, they turn to companies who have a reputation of delivering above and beyond.

It is not only about how you deal with your current and prospective clients, but also how you share the knowledge with them – through blogs, speaking engagements, whitepapers, case studies, newsletters, and last but not the least, client testimonials, etc.

When a company is seen as the industry expert, a trust-based relationship is automatically formed. The key is to stay true to your core values and the ability to communicate your story based on facts and knowledge.  That’s what makes for extraordinary client experience marketing.

Humaira Ahmed is a Growth Marketer and StarFish Medical marketing associate. She makes companies look good!

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