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Best-sourcing your medical device team

Best-sourcing team work6 benefits smart companies gain by supplementing their medical device team

The right individual in the right project at the right time is the goal for any Project Manager.  There is no straight forward mechanism to assemble the perfect team.
Tom Peters and Jess Angus write:  best-sourcing is the only way to sum up the way to assemble a team.

While the simplest way to ensure talent coverage while addressing team performance and down-time might be to build some redundancy in the project plan and under-allocate resources, a better way is to best-source by maximizing internal resources and supplementing the team with consultants and service providers when needed.
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Why use a medical device design firm? Here are 6 benefits smart companies have shared with us over the years.

1. No long term commitment for non-core competencies. An amazing level of technical specialization is available for consulting.  Many technical professionals prefer to consult for the flexibility and chance to work on a variety of projects.

2. & 3.  Save time and money.  Efficiency in timing and using resources. The service provider’s ability to stop and start at a pace that complements a core team with the right type of expertise (engineering and/or regulatory) is a huge factor. Medical device development is rarely a fluid path.   This is often the most affordable way to get a sub-system designed.

4.  Free up internal technical team members to focus on the next generation of product, or simply on a different sub-system.

5. Gain knowledge based on other similar projects. A professional specializing in the medical device industry will have seen technical difficulties and developed solutions in past projects that can be leveraged.

6. Get a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes, a company focuses so much on solving a technical issue that it loses perspective and creativity.

Bonus benefits:  Quality and Innovation.  Our clients often cite quality and innovation as the StarFish Medical benefits they value the most.  We agree.  Those are things that a good service provider or consultant will always bring to the equation.   They are top of our expectations whenever we hire employees or engage new clients.

“Talent management is more than an operational practice, it is skilled art form. Human resources acquisition is the single most important area that will determine the design success or failure .”[1]

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Martine Janicki leads the PMO at Starfish Medical and holds a PhD, PEng and a PMP certification.  She follows her tips above and excels at best sourcing for medical device launch.

[1] Jess Angus, management by Baseball The Official Rules for winning management in Any Field, Collins, 2006 ‎

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