MD+DI DeviceTalk: The 5 Sensors Your Wearable Needs—Are You Missing Any?


The 5 Sensors Your Wearable Needs—Are You Missing Any? by StarFish Medical mechanical engineer Nigel Syrotuck, is featured in Design Services July 6, 2016 online edition of MD+DI DeviceTalk.  Nigel claims: “This is the wearable diagnostic platform that can do it (almost) all with just a handful of sensors.”

Nigel notes: “Most existing medical devices are aimed at diagnosing or treating a specific condition. On the flip side, wellness devices are specifically designed to give you general information that can be used to help you monitor a variety of wellness issues. The interesting part is that they accomplish this by monitoring only a few things, such as activity, sleep, and heartrate.

If we combined the two philosophies and imagined a total health platform that could both collect a wide variety of vital statistics for a number of purposes and have it be medically relevant, then medical health could be monitored the same way that general wellness is.”  He then provides comparison checklists for conditions, symptoms, and sensors to prove the headline’s point.

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