MTI MEDdesign: Using Agile Values for Medical Device Development

Agile Values for Medical Device

StarFish Medical Principal Engineering Physicist Kenneth MacCallum’s article “Using Agile Values for Medical Device Development” is featured in the April 8, 2019 online edition of MedTech Intelligence (MTI) MEDdesign.

Sub-headed “Although designed for software, Agile’s fundamental values are equally relevant to medical devices“, the article provides a broad overview of Agile and explores the suitability for medical device development.

MacCallum notes: “There have been many conversations over the years about whether our medical device design process could be enhanced by becoming more “agile”. Often the debate focuses on whether the typical Agile process implementations of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming, and so-on are applicable and how to adapt them.

After covering areas including Why Is Software Different?, Agile Basics, The Four Agile Values, Individuals Interactions over QMS, Making the Best Medical Device over DHF Documentation, Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation, and Responding to Change over Following a Plan, MacCallum hints “What’s Next”.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making our clients successful and designing some really great medical devices. If we can find a way to be more efficient and effective then that can’t be bad. If we can have fun along the way as well, so much the better!

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