MD+DI DeviceTalk: EarPods and EpiPens: The Design Dynamics Behind Permanent Adoption



EarPods and EpiPens: The Design Dynamics Behind Permanent Adoption by StarFish Medical mechanical engineer Nigel Syrotuck, is featured in Design Services September 23, 2016 online edition of MD+DI DeviceTalk.  Nigel notes: “Universality inspires commitment from customers, but can also bring rocky relationships. Here’s why medical device makers should care about universal design.”

Nigel compares to headline grabbing examples of universal design and consumer adoption, then explores the implications for medical devices.  He concludes: “The ultimate goal of medical device manufacturers (besides improving the healthcare system) is to create something simple enough that everyone wants to use it, yet unique enough that you can patent it and your customers will commit to you and your product. If you’re lucky, your product will be so universal that it will continue to be the standard long after the patent expires. A good industrial design team, extensive user studies, and the right marketing strategy can get you to a product like that—just try to use your new power over the market for good rather than evil.”

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