MPO: 7 Considerations for Designing Medical Device Mechanisms

Designing Medical Device Mechanisms


The February 22, 2018 online edition of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) features an exclusive online article, 7 Considerations for Designing Medical Device Mechanisms, by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer, Nigel Syrotuck

Mechanisms can be the defining feature of a successful medical device. The article describes seven design considerations specifically tailored to medical devices that are best reviewed not only during development, but before design even starts.

After the seven key considerations for designing medical device mechanisms are understood and all requirements are documented, Syrotuck observes, “It is time to start thinking about the actual design. Don’t forget to periodically review those requirements and make sure to make the most up-to-date design decisions. Lastly, verify and validate often with good verification and validation plans to ensure expectations and assumptions translate into reality.”

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