MD+DI DEVICE TALK: The Diagnosis Is Automated, My Dear Watson



The Diagnosis Is Automated, My Dear Watson by StarFish Medical mechanical engineer Nigel Syrotuck, is featured in Design Services November 9, 2016 online edition of MD+DI DeviceTalk.

Nigel Syrotuck‘s take on artificial intelligence and the automation of medical diagnosis is a great read. And closer to reality than you think. Artificial Intelligence is a natural fit for diagnostics: there are millions of medical papers available and more being released daily. Sifting through them and compiling data is a natural fit for a processor. There is just one catch: they are written in scientific English.

Nigel examines  three challenges currently facing AI diagnostics and answers the question “How Much Longer!?” with “Short answer: hopefully in the next 10 years, but it’s highly contingent on the technology. Once these challenges are overcome, automated diagnostic platforms should be operational, but there will still be major questions to answer—especially in regulatory adoption.”

Nigel and StarFish Medical colleague Paul Charlebois discuss “Achieving Universality and Simplicity in Design: Why Are Physicians and Patients Demanding Both?” at BIOMEDevice San Jose, December 7-8.

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