MD+DI DeviceTalk guest blog – Digital Health: Moving from Big Ideas to the Practical Issues of Adoption


The April 10, 2017 online edition of MD+DI DeviceTalk features a guest blog from StarFish Medical Business Development Applications Manager, Mike Sanders. Digital Health: Moving from Big Ideas to the Practical Issues of Adoption discusses the need for medical device companies to share their experiences in developing connected medical devices in order to reach the full potential of digital health.

Dreaming up the next digital health disruption can be inspiring, but to move forward, the industry needs to share best practices, take on tangible applications, and collaborate.

Mike writes: “Sharing digital health experiences across the medical device community is important because it will directly affect investment. Healthcare spending is complex and there is anxiety around how we can achieve affordable quality care. The medical device community can lead the way by showcasing secure, accurate device data for better healthcare decision making. We can demonstrate how truly valuable connected medical devices are to the economics of modern healthcare.”

He concludes with a request: “If you are part of a medical device company developing a registered medical device with digital health connectivity, share your experience and take the survey. Your answers will be confidential and included in a freely distributed report.”

 The 2017 Digital Health Survey for Connected Medical Devices runs from April 1-May 15, 2017.



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