HERD: Simulation-Based Mock-Up Evaluation of a Universal Operating Room


Simulation-Based Mock-Up Evaluation of a Universal Operating Room, co-authored by Hannah Rusak-Gillrie, StarFish Medical Human Factors Engineer, is featured in the online June 16, 2019 edition of HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal.

The article Rusak-Gillrie participated in and wrote about, examined conducting a simulation-based mock-up evaluation as part of the design process to enhance patient safety, staff efficiency, as well as user experience, and yield financial returns. A large urban tertiary care center located in Vancouver, Canada followed a framework to evaluate the proposed design template for 28 universal operating rooms (ORs) included within the OR Renewal Project scope.

Findings suggest that incorporating the recommended design changes resulted in better room utilization, decreased congestion, and enhanced access to equipment.

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