LIQUID PLANNER BLOG: A Look Inside Project Management at StarFish Medical

LIQUIDPLANNER features an interview with Andrew Morton, Project Management Manager at StarFish Medical, posted on A Look Inside Project Management at StarFish Medical.  One of the questions is “What qualities do project managers need to succeed in the medical devices field?”

Morton captures the essence of StarFish values in his response: “You need to have a good working knowledge of product development. There’s a whole set of processes around making something that wasn’t there before.

Systems engineering is also a key piece. It ties back to product development and what the FDA expects for regulatory submission, which is a structured design approach where you create requirements, specifications, and you go through the process of formally verifying and validating. It’s a pretty big part of medical device design.

On a personal level, one of the things that goes a long way is having the passion for improving lives. It can be difficult at times. There are a number of obstacles along the way.

That passion goes a long way in reminding yourself of what you’re doing, helping you reframe things, and moving past obstacles. The project manager is leading a team; that passion can help keep going and stay motivated.”

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