MD+DI Design: Healing the Patient of Tomorrow

The March 20, 2018 online edition of MD+DI features Healing the Patient of Tomorrow by Nigel Syrotuck, StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer.  The article includes an exclusive infographic created by Kimberly Nguyen, StarFish Medical Industrial Designer.

Nigel takes a look at medical devices that are on a commercialization track to heal the patient of tomorrow in a way that is substantially better than previous offerings. They are generally broken into three broad categories based on their advantages over existing medical devices: either healing the patient at home with Connected Home Use Devices, fixing issues with existing devices to Improve Current Standards of Care, or creating non-invasive diagnostic tools for Early, Accurate Diagnosis.

The article draws upon StarFish Medical client expertise and examples in the areas of Intraocular Lens, Hearing Therapy, Intraosseous Infusion Systems, Atrial Fibrillation Catheter Ablation, Home Dialysis, Smart Capsules, Outpatient Mobility Trackers,and Skin Cancer Dermoscopy.


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