MD+DI Online: In Vivo Sensors – More than a Space-Age Fantasy?

In Vivo Sensors

The August 9, 2018 Digital Health section of MD+DI Online features In Vivo Sensors: More than a Space-Age Fantasy? written by StarFish Medical mechanical engineer, Nigel Syrotuck.

“It’s easy to envision the roles implantable sensors could perform. But is it too hard to overcome the risks?”

Nigel’s latest MD+DI blog was inspired by SciFi. “It’s got me thinking about biomedical data points we may want to track, which technology they would use, and what kind of data we’d get.”

The article covers possible uses of  In Vivo Sensors including Movement Analysis, Cardiac Rhythm, Tracking Breathing, Tracking Body Temperature Sensor,  and Fluid Analyzers. Nigel also examines the barriers and cons to current implementations.  He concludes with this thought: “Perhaps one day the technology will be so available, affordable, useful, and minimally invasive that the benefits (of In Vivo Sensors) will outweigh the cons.”

Nigel Syrotuck is a StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer and frequent contributor to the StarFish blog and guest blogger for medical device media including MD+DIMedical Product Outsourcing, and Medtech Intelligence.  He injects humour and imagination into projects big and small and blogs on everything in-between.

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