Medtech ENGINE: Graphene– the story of the ‘wonderstuff’ that’s set to revolutionise medtech devices

Graphene story of wonderstuff
Medtech ENGINE 18 February 2016 article, Graphene: the story of the ‘wonderstuff’ that’s set to revolutionise medtech devices, features a quote from StarFish Medical engineer, Nigel Syrotuck.
The article is one of several industry discussions on the subject that include Syrotuck. His 20 October 2015 MEDdesign blog in MedTech Intelligence, 12 Ways Graphene Will Transform Medical Devices, is even included in Nigel’s Medtech ENGINE quote.

“According to Syrotuck, graphene will be accompanied by more innovation. ‘The other interesting phenomenon is the appearance of numerous competing materials such as boron and diamond-structured carbon that have similar properties, structures and applications,’ he says. ‘It looks like graphene is not just a “wunderkind”, but also a trendsetter.’”

The topic recently inspired a group discussion in the largest Medical Device Group on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Graphene


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