MTI MEDdesign: Biomaterials Overview and Design Considerations

Biomaterials Overview

The February 26, 2018 online edition of MedTech Intelligence features Biomaterials Overview and Design Considerations by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer, Nathan Müller.

Modern technologies have taken biomaterials to another level, but hurdles remain in developing next-generation materials. Müller notes “There is a long history of biomaterials in the medical sciences, with evidence of their use as far back as 10,000 B.C.”

The article includes a discussion of design considerations for medical devices.

“An important consideration with biomaterials is their biocompatibility— this is defined as a material’s behavior in a variety of environments under chemical and physical parameters emulating biological interfacial conditions. …These are exciting times, and it will be interesting to see how new treatments with biomaterials will further medicine in the coming years.”

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