MD+DI DeviceTalk: Could Targeted Medical Information Help Develop Better Devices?

Targeted Medical Information


The September 5, 2017  online edition of MD+DI DeviceTalk features Could Targeted Medical Information Help Develop Better Devices?, a guest blog from StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer, Nigel Syrotuck.

Posing the question, “Do you know how your browsing information can be used?”, Syrotuck starts with recent news articles on the subject and provides an overview of advertising and information practices that could be harnessed for medical devices and healthcare purposes.

He notes: “Most of us have known for years that the internet is never really all that private, but the public has some faith that their PHI will be protected by law. The gray area of where general information ends and PHI starts is becoming more and more important to define, especially with the onset of wellness devices and the continued improvement of user targeting algorithms. Regardless, this data is a handy potential resource for medical device developers and could be used for a variety of purposes, not the least of which is understanding the target market.”


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