StarFish Medical Launches Blog to Share Medical Device Design, Development, and Manufacturing Expertise

Following a successful website revamp, medical device development, design, and manufacturing firm, StarFish Medical today announces the launch of their blog. Intended to provide insight into all facets of the development of a medical device for the marketplace, the StarFish Medical blog is authored by a variety of specialists within the company.

“The medical device industry is vast and encompasses so many specialties,” comments Scott Phillips, Founder and President of StarFish Medical, “It can be difficult to find one resource that addresses all aspects of the process, so we thought we would contribute our knowledge and expertise through an easily accessible medium.” Having successfully developed a wide variety of medical devices for use in a broad range of medical settings and specialties, StarFish has a wealth of information and experience from which to draw when speaking to all aspects of medical device design and development.

Authors of the company blog each contribute according to their own field of expertise and role within the company.  Topics discussed include technical issues related to medical device engineering, physics, and industrial design as well as business considerations such as distribution and regulatory compliance. “Understanding and clearing regulatory hurdles is a significant and complex aspect of medical device development,” states Phillips, “We’re lucky to have a well-experienced team of quality control and regulatory experts at StarFish who contribute to the blog along with our engineers, physicists and designers.”

About StarFish

Enabling entrepreneurial medical device companies to achieve success with the right device since 1998, StarFish offers a full complement of medical device design, development, and manufacturing solutions. From product definition, and technical engineering, to product development, prototype and volume production in an Intertek certified ISO 13485 environment, StarFish services are available in part or as a complete turnkey solution. A large multi-disciplinary team of engineers, physicists, and industrial designers combined with a long history of successfully navigating regulatory hurdles provides StarFish clients across North America with the deep expertise necessary to bring a medical device to market expediently and successfully.

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