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Applied Microbiology: Customizing Sanitization Protocols for Food-Borne Pathogens Based on Biofilm Formation, Surfaces, and Disinfectants

December 23, 2023

Applied Microbiology Customizing Sanitization Protocols

StarFish Medical Bio Services Manager, Nick Allan, co-authored an original research article titled, Customizing Sanitization Protocols for Food-Borne Pathogens Based on Biofilm Formation, Surfaces and Disinfectants – Their Two- and Three-Way Interactions, published in the December 23, 2023 online edition of Applied Microbiology.

The article discusses a research study that examines the challenge of food-borne pathogens in food handling, processing, and packaging systems, and how microbial films on food handling surfaces significantly complicate the management of microbial contamination of food. To identify potential sanitization strategies, the researchers studied the effects of chemical disinfectants on three different biofilms on hard surfaces and identified one-, two-, and three-way interactions between the pathogen species, the surface, and the disinfectant. As a result, the study asserts that these specific interactions need to be accounted for in order to improve sanitization strategies.

While this specific article looks at food-borne pathogens, the research is directly translatable to medical devices. Nick Allan explains: “The reason this applies to medical device development is that it describes in detail the development and evaluation of sanitization and disinfection protocols and products”.  “Sure it’s about food”, he adds, “but the protocols are broadly applicable and should be of interest to any industry concerned about sanitization”


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