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EP&T May 2020: MedTech firm reaches for the stars

May 1, 2020

interview with Scott Phillips

Electronic Products and Technology (EP&T) May 2020 print issue  and May 26, 2020 online edition features an interview with Scott Phillips, CEO and Founder of StarFish Medical. Titled MedTech firm reaches for the stars, the article is subheaded StarFish Medical specializes in designing medical and life science devices.

Written by Stephen Law, Editor EP&T, the article is part of an annual Medical Device Electronics issue. It describes StarFish history and covers a variety of topics ranging from the COVID-19 emergency ventilators project to the challenges medical designers face that consumer-based electronic design houses never have to address.

“Medical electronic designers have a lot of interesting regulatory issues to deal with from government bodies like  Health Canada, FDA, and EU. For example, meeting industry specific standards such as ISO13485, IEC60601 (safety of electronic medical devices), IEC62304 (software for medical devices), ISO 14971 (risk management for medical devices), ISO62366 (usability for medical devices). Formative and summative human factors studies are required.”

Phillips’ response to the questions “What was StarFish’s initial focus or area of expertise within the
medical electronics design sphere. How does that compare to what it does today?” shows how the company’s expertise and innovation continue to evolve. “21 years ago we started in ophthalmic instrumentation. Our first large program in medical was an ophthalmic ultrasound system. Today, StarFish assisted patents span over 150 cardiovascular, digital health, IVD, ophthalmology, optics, and ultrasound medical devices. Examples include 3D ultrasound from inside the beating heart, spinal surgery for ALS patients, and platelet analysis using lasers for safer transfusions.”  Read the full interview here.

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