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MD+DI: Are You Letting Fear of Missing Out Dictate Your Requirements?

June 4, 2018

Fear of Missing Out


The June 1, 2018 Design section of MD+DI (Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry) features Are You Letting Fear of Missing Out Dictate Your Requirements? by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer, Nigel Syrotuck.

Syrotuck introduces his article with this lead: “By understanding a medical device’s intended use case and environment, designers can pursue opportunities without complicating requirements documentation.”

“This article is all about the biggest worry I see over and over again in our clients’ eyes, and what we can do to alleviate those fears both as designers and as managers.”

After providing a compelling series of points and examples, Syrotuck concludes. “Invest early in sharing the big picture goals with everyone; you’ll find it’s much easier to trust people you’ve trained yourself. Don’t be afraid to document everything, but consider where you are writing things down and what impact your requirements will have on your team’s level of effort. Holistic understanding and efficient documentation will mean you and your design team can trust each other to work quickly without fear of missing out.”

About StarFish Medical

StarFish Medical is an ISO 13485 certified product engineering firm with offices in Victoria, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario. 100% dedicated to the medical device and life science marketplace, StarFish partners with innovative companies to create and manufacture breakthrough products for a full range of medical specialty areas including: Cardiovascular, Digital Health, IVD, Ophthalmology, Optics, and Ultrasound. StarFish expertise includes electronics, mechanical, human factors, usability, and software systems engineering. For more information, please visit


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