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MPO magazine: Medical Device Adhesives Specifications and Failure Modes

November 2, 2017




Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) November 2, 2017 online edition features Medical Device Adhesives Specifications and Failure Modes, an exclusive article by StarFish Medical Mechanical Engineer, Nathan Müller, EIT.

Müller covers medical device adhesive specifications and failure modes, outlines the benefits of adhesives over fasteners, gives insight into biocompatibility requirements, and offers up specific applications based on an adhesive’s type.

He concludes “Adhesives can offer many merits over designing with fasteners. They can provide cost reduction in many cases, and offer another choice to increase flexibility in design. They can be pre-tested by vendors to confirm their compliance with ISO 10993 or USP I to VI and be used to bond and seal between parts. These factors can assist in passing biocompatibility testing of the completed device. Overall, their applications are broad and their use in the medical field will only grow as both device variety and adhesive technologies advance in the years to come.”

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